Gimme Some More ~ Busta Rhymes

Gimme Some More is one of my favorite Busta songs.  I (re)discovered last night that it is probably largely due to the fact that he samples the chilling opening theme to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. 

Wednesday, my friend told me that Psycho was playing at the old Fox Theater in downtown Tucson on Thursday night. Immediately, I thought of my mom. Hitchcock and my mom just go hand in hand. I love to tell people about the perverse pleasure my mom got out of showing us Hitchcock or Hitchcock like suspense thrillers when we were kids.

Mom, in case you are thinking about denying this, I present to you the following list:

Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
The Birds
The Twilight Zone (movie and television episodes).
Wait Until Dark (Margaux and Rita will testify on this one!)

Come on mom! You know!

I don't remember how old I was when I first saw Psycho. I would guess 10(ish).  But this isn't really a bad thing. I love Hitchcock! And last night I realized, I sort of get the same delight in showing other people these movies. These movies strike the perfect note of edge of your seat tension and not scared to the point of misery. 

So basically, I really, really, really wanted to go see Psycho.  With my mom. Who is 2000 miles away. So I searched my brain for a fun alternative to my mom. Someone who would really get into it. I vaguely recalled discussing this movie with my friend Cynthia. So I called her up. And she reminded me that our conversation had been about how she saw the movie when she was 5 and couldn't take a shower for the next 22 years. But she agreed to go anyway. Score!!

It was a blast. I forgot that I had forgotten the entire middle of the movie. Basically, I remembered everything up to the shower scene and then I remembered the twist at the end. The middle was a big, suspenseful mystery to me. And it was during this scary, suspenseful middle that Cynthia got scared and screamed a scream that rivals Naomi Watts' King Kong screams. It sounded like it came from the movie, it was such a perfect scary movie scream. Minutes later, when I had peeled myself off the theater ceiling and confirmed that I had not died of a severe fear induced heart attack, I laughed hysterically. Psychotically, if you will. So did Cynthia. So did the entire theater after Cynthia loudly, publicly apologized. "Sorry Guys!" 

It was shortly after this that Cynthia made a comment that made me realize that she did not remember the twist ending. And oh! the feeling of knowing how surprised she would be by the ending of the movie was delicious. The rest of the movie, I felt like a lion waiting to pounce. Waiting for the moment when "Mrs. Bates" would reveal herself and Cynthia would discover.......

When we finally made it to the end of the movie (And I was so tense, it really did feel like I had "made" it to the end.) one of our fellow movie-goers asked who had screamed. Cynthia made herself known and again apologized but the fellow movie-goer echoed my sentiments (and a lot of others' based on the response) by saying that her scream had, in fact, made the movie. True story.

Cynthia left me a voicemail this morning saying that she had fun and that seeing it was cathartic and she now understands a lot of fears that plagued her childhood. Showers, being watched, driving in the rain......

So does that mean she will change her mind about seeing Rear Window with me in December?