I Can't Let You Go ~ Usher

Usher and I have been together for a long time. My Way was released in 1997.  And You Make Me Wanna was THE JAM! In my opinion, it still is the jam. Or maybe the bomb. Haha to the outdated slang. Also I am beginning to believe that Tucson is a magical land where slang actually never becomes outdated. I kind of love that about Tucson.

But back to Usher. So I loved My Way. I loved 8701. And then my ex and Confessions came along. I will always remember that my ex and I got engaged the same day Confessions was released. We listened to that album almost exclusively for a year straight. Maybe two years. And even after we started acknowledging the existence of music outside of Confessions, we still had it in frequent rotation on our iPod. So when things went bad between my ex and I, hearing Usher became......painful. And when his next album, Here I Stand, came out, I boycotted. I hated the single, Love In This Club. I decided that Usher was washed up and nasty. Replaced by Chris Brown. Usher was irrelevant.

Time heals all wounds. One day in shuffle mode, a song from the Confessions album came on. And no pain came with it. And suddenly, I felt profound regret that I missed out on the entire Here I Stand album. And by this time, a new album was on the horizon. I had a lot of catching up to do.

I have spent days wrestling with what are my Top Ten Usher songs. There are some songs that got cut that made me feel like I was giving my child up for adoption. I love all of you, my little Usher songs. I just can only list 10. Here goes:

10. Pro Lover. Raymond vs. Raymond.

9. This Ain't Sex. Here I Stand.

8. U Got It Bad. 8701.

7. Superstar. Confessions.

6. Nice and Slow. My Way.

5. My Boo. Confessions.

4. Revolver. Here I Stand.

3. My Way. My Way.

2. Can You Handle It. Confessions.

1. Yeah! Confessions.