Ten on Tuesdays: Indie Kick

I am on this alt music kick lately. It happens. Don't judge.

Here is my current alt playlist:

1901 ~ Phoenix
Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop ~ Landon Pigg
Steady As She Goes ~ Raconteurs 
I Turn My Camera On ~ Spoon
We're Going To Be Friends ~ The White Stripes 
Maps ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
The Ghost Inside ~ Broken Bells
Dog Days Are Over ~ Florence + The Machine

And any time I am on an alt kick you can bet good money that I am listening to Fiona Apple's first two albums over and over and over and.........you get the idea. I will never forget the first time I heard Fiona Apple. It was "Criminal" and I was in the green sherbet Honda with Emma. Many thanks to Emma for introducing me to the miserable little waif.  

So tell me, what are you listening to these days?