Fireworks ~ Drake

Dear Aubrey Drake Graham,

 I am not the type of girl who is prone to celebrity crushes. But you don't do any of the following things:

1. Rhyme "toot" with "boot" or "bump" with "dump". The "artists" that do seem to have mastered the art of amputating sexy from sexual. You bring the sexy back.

2. Rap like Lil Wayne. I know. You love him. But... did you read that interview he did with like... I dunno....Rolling Stone maybe? The one where he is portrayed as a person who is so drug addled that he and reality haven't been in contact for a long time.  For reals, I think they said he is incapable of like tying his own shoes or buckling his belt or something basic. So is it surprising that sometimes he sounds like he is just stringing completely random and unrelated words together in a rhythmic pattern?

3. Copy 'Ye's ego or straight up craziness. One day will you run on stage and steal Taylor Swift's thunder or get into an argument with Matt Lauer? If so, I will still think you are talented but I won't have a crush on you. Until then, I find you endearing.

4. Repeat two colors over and over and over and call it a song. Okay, okay,  in truth....I kinda dig "Black and Yellow" and something about Wiz Khalifa is just likeable. Not crushable, but likeable.

5. Act hard in cases when you aren't and/or try to hide who you are.  Maybe it isn't the most inspiring display of machismo and street smarts but in the hip-hop environment of total misogyny(full disclosure: my crush would be much bigger if you weren't so fond of the term "hoes") and constant fronting (Rick Ross trying to pretend he wasn't a corrections officer), I will continue to be grateful for a (if not completely real) convincing portrayal of an open and earnest guy with talent, big dreams, and even bigger drive.

Drizzy, I don't know if you the best, but you are pretty dang good.

Totally Crushin',