Last Train To Paris ~ Diddy Dirty Money

I have asked several of my friends this same question recently: Can you explain Diddy Dirty Money to me?

Really. Can anyone account for this??

More importantly, can anyone please make it stop?

The answer to that question is invariably: "Can't Stop, Won't Stop."

But he can stop and he should stop.

He just won't stop.

Do you think that anyone close to him has ever had the nerve to say: "Please stop shaming Biggie. Go back to your office. Stay out of the studio. And since we are on the subject, no more dancing either."

A review of Last Train 2 Paris that mirrors my feelings on Diddy.

Other Diddy issues.

12/17/10: I forgot that I totally was NOT going to post this out of fear that I am the Diddy of blogging and everyone around me is secretly all "please stop" and I am all "can't stop, won't stop." But it is too late now.  I have already posted it.