Sugar Pie Honey Bunch ~ The Four Tops

Dear Little Sister,

You were the cutest toddler on the planet earth. Most especially when dancing and singing, "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch." You loved that song.  That's what makes it so shocking that you have grown up to be a Jane Eyre hating troll. Just kidding! But seriously.  Why oh why must you hate on my precious Jane Eyre? Do you not know that I own five copies of that book and have read it almost once a year since I was a teenager? It cuts me deep.  You accused Jane and Rochester of yammering! Yammering!

As punishment I present this letter. Where I yammer. To you.

I had read Jane Eyre on my own before I studied it in my Brit Lit class in high school. Sometimes studying a book lessens it magic for you. You find out about all this subtext and hidden meaning and suddenly the book is dead to you. This didn't happen with Jane Eyre. My appreciation grew. Mostly I love that Jane is a woman with strong emotions and strong principles. I wrote an essay on it for class. I will show it to you sometime.

But enough about Jane Eyre. In general, I am just jealous that you are reading a book right now. I need a book to read. I get caught up reading blogs and forget about actual whole books. Might explain my dwindling attention span.

I wish you had been here last night. More than anyone else, I needed you last night. I needed your fire and attitude to get me through hurt feelings and over dramatic emotions. And then we could have cuddled up and watched Top Chef together.  And drank. And cursed men.

I have all these sentimental thoughts swirling in my head. About how our older sister and I used to meanly tease you about what an ugly baby you were. Little monkey baby with crazy black hair and the popped up veins that formed an angry red V on your forehead. We called it the Vulcan V. And I wonder, did I ever bother to tell you that in my mind it was okay to tease you about what an ugly baby you were because the instant you passed the newborn stage you transformed into the cutest of all of us by a long shot? Proof that my logic issues started a long, long time ago (e.g. it's okay to tell your little sister she used to be ugly because she is not anymore.)

I think about how I have my entire life been searching for some kind of soul mate. Not a romantic soul mate. Just someone who gets all of me. Every facet of my being. And there are a lot of facets. So when you were born, I remember looking at you when you were in your play pen and thinking: This is it! The one I have been waiting for all 5 years of my life. My best friend! And the bitter disappointment of learning that you had your own personality, your own life to live, and were my little sister, not my everything. I have this hazy memory of being truly hurt about that. And then resenting you. Some kind of distorted sibling rivalry.

And now, I am so glad that you did and do have your own life and personality. How boring would you be if your personality was molded around  me? What a tragedy that would have been!  Because as it turns out, the beauty of sisters isn't that they are your everything or that you are all just alike. The beauty of sisters is the shared experience and the shorthand. The secret language of sisters. The give and take. The support. The reality checks. The fact that even though I am an over dramatic lunatic you are still required by the laws of nature to love me. Right? I hope.......

And now because I am so very tired, I present the rest of this as a list.

~Don't you hate wasting emotions on people who aren't wasting emotions on you?

~Don't go blond (unless you can afford it). It's an addiction you are genetically predisposed towards. Once  you start down the path of blondness, it is hard to turn back. BUT it does make any occasional gray hairs WAY less noticeable.

~Eat more whole grains. I would say eat more veggies but that would be hypocritical of me. But I can tell you to eat more whole grains with a clean conscience.

~Never base your opinion of who God is on your opinion of the people who worship him. We are imperfect and mess up constantly. He is not and does not.

~Aren't you glad we have uniquely spelled names?

~Have you ever stopped to think about how if the genetics had just played out slightly differently and we had all gotten Emma and Rita's tall and skinny and our curves, all four of us would have bodies that make Victoria's Secret models jealous? Genetics are a cruel and fickle mistress.

~ I LOVED our trip to San Diego. It was one of the best trips of my life. Next time I think we should go to Vegas. Have you ever been to Vegas? We should go to Vegas.

~Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. As completely stupid as it seems, I have days where I think: No one reads this thing. I am an idiot for keeping it up. I should just delete the whole thing.  Your comments help. Well any comments help, but you are really good about it.

That is all I have for now.