The One With Pain

This is not what I look like right now. Right now I look terrible. This picture just conveys the proper tone of grumpiness and misery. 

It's 3 AM. Do you know where your blogger is?

If you guessed writhing in stomach pain in bed, you are correct! You win nothing though.

I woke up with a migraine Saturday morning. This is happening with alarming frequency the past month and a half. This migraine held on pretty tight and the instant I truly got rid of it, my stomach freaked the heck out on me. And has continued without letup ever since. And now my migraine is starting to  reappear.

And I feel like all of my friends have over the past few days kicked me and then spit on me. Which is completely NOT the case. I am just occasionally over-sensitive and right now it feels like that is the case.

This is probably completely related to the unrelenting pain.

Current plan for tomorrow: SLEEP.  NOT BE IN PAIN.

That seems like a lot.