A Day in the Life ~ The Beatles

7 AM. Wakey wakey eggs and bakey
(woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head)

8 AM.  I decide to finish my book after my shower. 

Ready to start the day! 

How you doin'? My lovely Aldo boots. So comfy! 

Look! I even accessorized and put on a tiny bit of makeup today. Hallelujah! 

Breakfast: Ham, sausage, and egg scramble with Cranberry Raspberry juice. 


View out my office "window"

Vitamins: Good for you! Excedrin for headache: Bad for you! 

Lunch time run to the post office. I got a card! 

Run by home during lunch. 

Massive afternoon crankiness at work. Probably need to eat. 

Maxwell playing makes all the crankiness go away! 

Change to evening wear. Decide that it is too cold to wear strappy heels. Will put boots back on. But first,  more pics of the strappy heels. 

An old co-worker called these my "miracle mile" shoes. 

Miracle Mile is a street in Tucson where you might find......girls wearing very high heels such as these. 

Miso soup with soy sauce and sriracha.  The "God of Food" totally got me hooked on this! 

And Edamame. With lots of soy sauce! Did I mention the Miso with Sriracha? 

Eat and study. Such is my schedule. See how the book title is in Russian?  Also I think this is possibly one of the 1st times I have sat in a sit down restaurant and ate by myself. 

Starbucks! Free drink! Score!
 I realized through out the day that some times and places just don't lend themselves to picture taking. Like being at your place of worship. Or most of the time you are at work. So you know, there are some gaps in the day. The rest are from Applebee's for cheapy happy hour appetizers and drinks.

And finally, goodnight.