Ego Trip

Above is one of my favorite Dilbert comics. And recently it has been stuck in my head because as crazy and vain as it sounds, I feel like I have gotten a lot better looking. I feel super icky typing that. All braggy and stupid. But I don't mean it like that! Truly! I am just pleasantly surprised that as concerned as I have been about aging, I am actually happier than ever before with how I look.  Self-esteem. The gift that keeps on giving. If as I get older I keep getting more comfortable with who I am and less filled with self-loathing- BRING IT ON!! 

So for today I am trying to take pictures at least once an hour so that late tonight or early tomorrow I can present you with my day in pictures. I know you are going to be on the edge of your seat waiting to see if I can take my already horrific flash less iPhone photography too new depths of patheticness. Only time will tell my dear readers. Only time will tell.

BONUS: Taking pics of what I am doing all day motivates me to actually do things all day.