2011 Grammy Awards Show

Back in the day, I used to always watch award shows with at least one of my sisters. Usually Emma. Last night I watched alone. I was very tired.

So the opening Grammy tribute was a tribute to Aretha Franklin and the women singing brought it. I was inordinately annoyed by Xtina's red mike stand.  So much of what she does annoys me. I just want her to just sing. That's it. Dress normal. Act normal. Sing. She has enough talent to cover everything else. No more attention grabbing antics needed.

Pop Duo:
Actual Winner: Train, Soul Sister. There are few songs I hate more than that song.

Here comes Lady Gaga........hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen. Who knows what the heck is about to happen...A few minutes later I am officially underwhelmed.

Muse takes the stage. I checked with Rita and she thinks Muse is kind of weird. Just in case you were wondering. I am always wondering about Rita's opinion of rock music. Why wouldn't you?

Every time I see Ryan Seacrest, I wish he was Joel McHale instead.  Joel McHale is so much funnier.

Ryan is introducing a Bruno Mars, B.O.B, and Janelle Monae performance.

Do I even want to address the fact that B.O.B. is wearing a monocle? No. There is no response to that kind of weirdo nonsense. And now he has removed it. Phew. "Nothin' On You" is boring the heck out of me! Re-imagined "Grenade" is better except that he ain't hittin' notes the way he should be. Janelle Monae is a unique one. I dig her. I am impressed with Bruno Mars on drums. Okay why doesn't Janelle Monae know that girls must crowd surf on their backs??

Female Country Vocal:
Winner: House That Built Me, Miranda Lambert! Yay!

So 1 hour in, I have seen two awards given out. Pathetic!

Dear Grammy people,
You took my Usher off the stage and left me with Justin Bieber and a Smith kid in LEOPARD pants or some junk. The only reason I am not changing the channel is because occasionally the camera pans to proud papa Will Smith. And he is lookin' fine.

Oh here's Usher. Okay. All is forgiven.

Love Megs

Oh hey! I just realized maybe Grammy planners are also Superbowl halftime planners. Lots of really bad Black Eyed Peas performance and two really good minutes of Usher.
Wait! Who let the kid back on stage?? Boo!

Best Rock Album:
Winner: The Resistance, Muse
They would have been my second pick so it's all good. Acceptance speech review: I love accents. That is all.

Selena Gomez and Donny Wahlberg introduce something. Who let him wear those glasses? Ugh.

Best Pop Vocal Album
Winner: The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga

I would like to insert a plea to the camera men to not show John Mayer anymore. He looks creepy. And gross.

I think Lady Gaga just got edited. Haha! Don't even bother talking about what she is wearing. No point anymore. Her speech seems pretty heartfelt. Lovely shout out to Whitney Houston.

We know about my love for Avett Brothers right? I like Mumford and Sons in tiny doses. Okay, actually they sound pretty dang good.  How fun would it be to see them live in some little rowdy pub?
Love. Avett. Brothers. Love. Love. Love. In an abstract and odd way, they are what all of my melancholy sounds like. I know, I am so weird.

Weren't there any lackeys to get Bob Dylan a glass of water before he went on stage? Here's the thing, I like old Bob Dylan stuff.  "Tangled Up in Blue" is pure genius. This is just sad. And painful. I am downing water for him and his poor throat at this point.  Get the man a lozenge!

Pan to the audience: J.Lo looks like she wants to put Bob Dylan out of his and her misery.

Lifetime Achievement List: Totally Boring.
Teddy Pendergrass tribute by Lady Antebellum? Odd. But okay. I am a big Lady Antebellum fan, so I am game. I saw them in concert with Tim McGraw. Fantastic! "American Honey" is one of my favorite songs.

Miley Cyrus and Kings of Leon? STAY AWAY FROM HER! She is evil! Don't let her taint you!

Best Country Album:
Winner: Need You Now, Lady A!!!!

Jaime Foxx, whose new album was a HUGE disappointment, introduces Cee-Lo Green.Cee-Lo is so weird. Shake your head and smile kind of weird. Not derisive snort weird. Paltrow's presence seems pointless. She needs to up her weirdness factor. Her normal look is killing his vibe.

No more John Mayer! Yuck! But I am loving the little "Jolene" moment with Norah Jones and Keith Urban. Keith Urban sounds and looks fantastic. So does Norah Jones. I like the hair cut on her. She looks very different though. Keith Urban should announce everything. Yay to Australian accent.

Song of the Year
Winner: Need You Now, Lady A. I totally did NOT think they would win. I seriously have goosebumps watching Hilary freak out with amazement that they won. Aw! She is crying. Okay I am tearing up. Pull it together Megs. This is embarrassing!

Seth Rogen. Miley Cyrus joke. Love it!

Rihanna looks gorgeous. Her performance dress is to die for! She is starting out with her version from her album, Loud, of "Love the Way You Lie." I can't get past her dress. I can't think of the last time I liked a celebrity fashion moment so much. I found pictures at www.beautyisdiverse.com. Here

In Memoriam. Little Feat Drummer? I love Little Feat's song "Dixie Chicken!" Solomon Burke? And a Mick Jagger tribute to him? Huh. Mick Jagger's twitchy dance moves are so......something. I have to think about this. It will come to me.

Chris Kattan! That's it.

YouTube Link

Nicki Minaj looks exactly how I would expect her to, but with less pink leather.

Best Rap Album:
Winner: Recovery, Eminem

Eminem's speech is so standard. Slim Shady may officially have grown up. I guess we all have to grow up sometime.

Did Diddy just get introduced as Puff Daddy? I am so confused! He sounds stupid. But here's Rihanna and Drake. She is wearing a new outfit that is significantly less awesome than the previous dress. Everything is significantly less awesome then that previous dress.  Poor sound quality is super irritating.

Record of the Year:
Winner: Need You Now, Lady A.
They are whooping butt! I am so proud. Like I know them personally proud.
I am done. Goodnight.

Grammy Awards are not done. I am just done.