Experimental Brownies: 99 Bananas

Before I get to the point, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your comments on my last post. They made me laugh and cry and I loved every single one! If you haven't commented yet, it's not too late. 

I am a big fan of doing new and experimental things to brownie mixes and seeing how it turns out.

My most recent experiment was so delicious and I wanted to share.

The brownie mix I use calls for 3 tablespoons water, 1/4 cup oil, and 1 egg. I was making a double batch. I had just seen Ina Garten on Food Network make brownies from scratch and she was advocating adding instant coffee crystals to the batter to enhance the chocolate flavor.

I added some instant coffee and instant espresso crystals - maybe about 1 tbsp all told and about 1 tsp of cinnamon to the dry brownie mix. Then I added the oil and eggs. But instead of 6 tbsp of water, I used 3 tbsp water and 3 tbsp of 99 Bananas (you could probably add any kind of banana liqueur).

By far my favorite brownies ever!