Bittersweet Symphony ~ The Verve

Have you ever heard the phrase: "You have to take the good with the bad."?

One day people leave you......disappointed. And then randomly that very same day a friend reaches out to you. And you have one of the best times you have had with them and you eat frozen yogurt and chips and salsa and bask in the unending cuteness that is her baby girl and she tells you that she likes your shirt and the way you are wearing your belt and all of that is worth a crazy run on sentence because it is all together awesomesauce -which is her word that you stole just now. You do that.

And then you get disappointed by someone else.

And then you get an email that starts with, "Hey. I've intended to e-mail you for a good bit of time now" and you think to yourself, "Haven't we all intended to e-mail a great deal of friends for a good bit of time now?" Let us not beat ourselves up over that one anymore.  As you read on you find tears springing to your eyes. Such words! If you could weave those words into a sweater and wrap yourself in them, you would never doubt yourself. You would never look back or forward with anxiety.  You would be steady and confident. You would be free of guilt and confusion. If you could write poetry, you would write a poem about the soft, fuzzy, comforting sweater of those words. 

And that, you think,  is taking the bad with the good. Being open to the good even when the bad happens.

And to the two "goods" specifically mentioned in this post, thank you.