Boys Don't Cry ~ The Cure

The thing about having a public blog as an outlet is ALL the things I don't feel comfortable saying. Like why I am still awake at 2:00 AM when my sleeping had gotten so much better. It's the same reason I wasn't sleeping before. It's always the same reason.  On some levels, it's not even worth addressing. It's best just to carry on. And so I shall.

Last night I went to a concert.

Sometimes for events I like my look to have a theme. For instance, the John Deere outfit for the SuperBowl. My theme last night was "First All Ages Show" (which is from a line in a Juliana Hatfield song~although it took some google searching for my brain to sort that whole thing out). So I wanted it to be be fun and youthful. If I was brave and bold, I would have worn my hot pink kicks with black skinny jeans.

I am not brave so I just wore black flats. My makeup was appropriately colorful and sparkly. I was not born to look sad and emo. I will never truly fit in at a rock concert.

Moving on. The opening act was a band called Kitten. The lead singer is a little girl. Internet research tells me she is 15. I oscillated between annoyance, interest, and amusement. In what I am sure was supposed to seem like very serious rocker angst, but instead came out like a teenage temper tantrum, Ms. Kitten threw her tambourine to the ground. I don't think she expected it to bounce back up, fly into the audience, and accost one of her audience members, but it did. I laughed hysterically. But then again, I am not the one who got hit. My favorite part of their set was a cover of The Cure song, "Boys Don't Cry" hence the post title. I found a YouTube video to share with you:

The main act was Young the Giant.

I especially liked this song:

They were great. In fact, they will be in St. Louis April 11th at The Firebird. Shout out to my little sisters - I think you should go check them out. And make sure you stick around long enough after the show to meet them. All really super nice guys. Especially the drummer, Francois, and the guitarists, Jacob and Eric.

Margaux and Rita you will especially like Jacob and Eric. Here's why: Remember when we went to see Sick Puppies and one of the opening bands (pretty sure it was Saving Abel) had the guitarist that just stood at the edge of the stage and made sexy face and sexy poses the entire set and we were all: "ENOUGH ALREADY!"? Jacob didn't stand at the edge of the stage much, but when he did he would get this adorable little smile on his face like, "Hi guys! I just wanted to come up here and be close to you for a second!" And then when I met him, that is totally what he was like. Adorable! And after the show Eric ends up wandering around in the crowd and all of a sudden just stops, turns, looks at me and says, "I don't know how I got out here! I don't know how to get backstage again!" And I said, "Maybe you should just jump the rail over there?" And he said, "I just might." Random! No not-so-sexy sexy face in sight. No "I have an unnatural relationship with my guitar" poses. Just nice talented guys.