Breath In, Breath Out ~ Ali

Last night I made two new kinds of brownies.

1. Gimme S'more Brownies. Graham cracker crust. Brownie filling. Topped with toasted marshmallows.

Here is the text message response I received from the recipient of the "Gimme S'mores":

"o my gosh frkin kill me, no u can't I'm already dead in heaven, no this..this.....idk I'm trippin' over this s'more than purple haze*! AMAZING!!! luv u megz!"

*purple haze was the chocolate raspberry cheesecake brownies I made last time.

So I am feeling pretty good about those brownies and they will go on the official list of brownies that I make.

2. Presidential Brownies. These brownies featured a strong note of cinnamon and swirls of Nutella and caramel.  I didn't get a response from the recipient of those brownies. So......I dunno. They smelled good though. They also looked really pretty with all their swirly patterns.

And now a note on why I like to bake:

Most of the time this is what is going on inside my mind:

Yesterday was an especially bad day for this. I had devolved into Woody Allen yesterday.  Little things were setting me off on neurotic paths that ended with me raving against perfectly innocent things like the non-fiction section of my local public library.  Seriously, the non-section of the library almost ended me yesterday. I have to save that explanation for another day. Because if I start now, this post will never end. But hey! Emma! I totally got that Nora Ephron book. Only part of my trip to the library that went well.

The minute I stepped inside the grocery store to buy the ingredients for my brownies, things inside my mind changed to this:

Cooking, and especially baking, requires thought, planning, time-management, organization, patience, skill. And it pushes everything else out of my brain (or at least shuts it up for a bit) so that I can focus on doing something I love.

This post has no real conclusion. I feel like there should be a sum up but I have been staring at it for awhile now and I got nothing.

Oh wait, let's try this: Tell me in the comments what kind of brownies you think I should try next. The sky is the limit.

Also I have never shipped brownies, but I am told it is totally normal people doable so do you think I should do a brownie giveaway? I am really kind of on the fence on this one. Maybe I should round up some testimonials on my brownies first so you know that I am legit at making brownies. Or maybe I should test ship some to my family? Or maybe I should stop now before I get carried away and revert back to Meg's Neurotic Mind over thinking this?