Business Plan

A conversation: 

Me: Also, how awesome is that graphic???? I got bored/lazy and just decided to not even do boxes around the bottom numbers. But i think the point got across.

B: You most definitely should drop the brownie shop idea and go into graphic design. Teach Allie Brosh a thing or two. Make millions. Retire at 32. Share the wealth with your bff b.

Me: I am pretty sure I am going to die hungry in a box on the corner of Kolb and Speedway with you as my business manager.

B: Hey! Ye of little faith! Don't you trust me at all? Come on. You would at least die hungry in a box on the corner of Kolb and Sunrise.

Me: MUCH better situation for me. Erin(my hairdresser) might be willing to stop by on her way home from work and cut the knots out of my scary homeless hag hair. 

B: Dude, homeless hag hair is the best. Erin couldn't create such awesomeness if she tried.

Me: So new plan: you n becca maintain my blog for me. take pics of my homeless hag hair. we make it a "thing." All are rich and famous. COMEBACK QUEEN! No one can destroy me!

B: That's brilliant!! How many blogs are there about homeless people? "A Day In the Life of a Hag - Now With Pictures" ....informative AND entertaining

M: We can call it ADITLOAHNWP for short. I wonder if it could be a collaborative effort with Allie Brosh? Do you think she would be willing to come to Tucson to decorate my box? Or maybe I should sell ad space on my box? I could also hold like a different sign every day. Because we would be so famous I would have sponsors and I would hold their signs. But I would not wear a costume and I would not throw or twirl the sign. ADITLOAHNWP is too classy for that.

B:This could definitely go somewhere.

Me: If nothing else, it's definitely going up as a blog post. Our vision should be shared with the world.

B: Oh yes. Our vision should be imposed on the world.

Have I ever told you that I really, really love conversations that devolve into increasingly ridiculous nonsense? 

I really love conversations that devolve into increasingly ridiculous nonsense.