Flashback Thursday

Jules is at it again! So this Flashback is not so very far back but just in case you were not aware: IT IS OPENING DAY AT BUSCH STADIUM. GO CARDINALS!!!!

Scale of 1 to 100: How sad is my life if I get teary-eyed watching "my babies" play? For reals, I used to HATE baseball on television. And now, it is as close as I get to seeing my beloved Cards play. So I watch them. HOLLIDAY JUST HIT A HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I am watching them play as I type. In case you could not tell.

Okay so where was I? Flashback Thursday.

The BFF & I at Cards vs. Cubs game in St. Louis a couple of years ago. That is how I got her to come visit me from Tucson. I bribed her and her stinkin' Cubs' Fan husband with Cards vs Cubs tickets. 

Wanna know who won that game? I plead the 5th.