Much Love Monday: Presents!

This Monday I am loving presents. I love presents!!  

1st up: My sicko best friends decide to poke fun of me and my neurotic fear of turkeys with this gem from their trip to Mexico: 
It's name is TimBob Gobbler. It will haunt my nightmares. They want me to stick it to my dash in my car so it is in my line of vision at all times. 

Next up was the sweetest surprise I have received in a long time. It restored my faith in checking my mail on a regular basis when I found it in my PO Box on Saturday: 

Could my friend Jaime be any more awesome? And the color scheme? My favorite ever!!!

And last but certainly not least, my mom totally hooked me up when she came to visit. I want to tell you more about her visit but there I am waiting on some pictures first. 
So first she gave me a bottle of apple cider vinegar for health reasons. I am skeptical. 

Then came this piece of Crocker & Springer Pottery (my fave) from her own personal collection. So wonderful. 

My bedroom was sadly in need of adult lighting. Enter my mom with a set of lamps from Lowe's. Such generosity.