Throwback Thursday

I am not a big fan of animal print. But back in the day, I used to rock animal print.....of sorts. 

Prepare yourself for the crimes against cloth that you are about to see................

A shirt and short set covered in flamingos. I am standing in front of flamingos at the zoo. When I look at this picture, I pretty much make the same face that I am making IN the picture.  

You can't tell from this picture, but that shirt is covered in penguins involved in sports activities. Also the pants were stirrup pants.  Also note the life size drawing of myself in background. My artistic skills and fashion skills were (okay are) on an equal playing field. 

Here is where I get FIERCE! I was SO into this whole  animals are fashionable thing that I thought, "Why wear a shirt with a kitten on it, when I can just use an actual kitten as a shirt?" Cutting edge y'all. Cutting edge.