Vogue ~ Madonna

1. The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Except that it is a happy, fun song and I am in a happy, fun mood. Just so you know. Also I knew a guy who admitted to me that when he was a kid he would cry when someone turned the tv off during a Madonna performance. Super secure in his manhood, no? When he told me, I thought it was the best taxi cab style confession I had ever heard.

2. The weather in Tucson is so beyond ridiculously gorgeous that I wish I could teleport every single person I know here. You wish you were here. Unless you have this exact weather + tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and buds on trees. In which case, I wish I was there. Actually, now that I think about it, Tucson is lame. I would like to teleport us all somewhere with spring flowers.

Not gonna lie, that left me feeling rather deflated.

Moving on..........

3. Speaking of teleporting, PSA: I now, forever, and always hold it against my little sisters that they complained when I watched my X-men cartoons. Those cartoons were awesome. And they both watched Power Rangers. I also hold every second of Power Rangers I have ever seen against them. Even the times that I was actually forced to watch it by my nephews. I can't hold grudges against my nephews. They are too cute. I blame my younger sisters instead.

4. Speaking of my nephews........I miss them so much! Why are they and end of April/May (when I will see them again) so far away?

5. Speaking of end of April/May, I have so much stuff coming up! Yay! Maybe just maybe it will lead to an interesting post around here for once. I would not get your hopes up.

6. Am I the only one who thinks that the shuffle setting on iPods/iPhones is creepily intuitive sometimes? Mine is cranking out the upbeat happy songs today. How did it know?