Meg's Mind Summer Essentials

For no reason whatsoever, I decided that Jules voted for this one in the Choose Your Own Adventure poll. Seriously, no reason. Except that she and I both have a similar love for products and if she was doing a list of summer essentials I would be all about it. So Jules, if you're reading, this one is for you. Whether you wanted it to be or not.

1. My Starbucks Venti Cold Cup. I am sure there are other insulated cold cups that work just as well, but this is the one I have. I kinda live and die by it. It is, bar none, the most effective way to make sure I drink lots and lots of water. I drink roughly 3x more water than I normally would when I use this glass.  I have sworn by it for two whole summers now. It keeps my water cooler for much longer than it would stay in a regular plastic bottle. Vital for desert summers. It also doesn't sweat and leave water rings on tables and such.
Venti To-Go Cold Cup Tumbler by Starbucks Coffee (20-oz.)
Image/link for purchase.

2. Itsy bitsy teeny weeny extra cheapy Target bikini.  Cheap, lots of fun colors, patterns, shapes, etc. I despise tan lines and like to hang out by the pool in the late afternoons. Here is the one I have.  I have the luxury of having access to pools that are almost always empty so I don't have to overly concern myself with modesty or whether or not my body belongs in a bikini. I always have a more "public friendly" swimsuit for when it is needed.

3. Lip Balm. Here is what I am using and liking a lot.  I got it at Wal-Greens. For some reason, I didn't like it at first. Now I love it.
Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm Stick

4. Car sun shades. MAJOR Tucson necessity. Mine look kind of like this:

Basix Magic Jumbo Sunshade (Styles May Vary)
5. A good anti-perspirant. I can not tell a lie. I rarely found the need to wear anti-perspirant back in Illinois. Maybe I should have, I don't know. Times have changed.  I always use Dove and this is the one I am using right now:
Dove Ultimate go sleeveless Pearl Finish Deodorant
Image Via/Product Info
6. Sunglasses. Kind of a no-brainer. Last summer I had a bunch of pairs in different colors and styles that I would switch to match my "look."  I have lost/broken some of them and now mainly just wear a pair of cheap Wal-Mart Foster Grants. I currently don't have room for a new pair in my budget.

Aspirationally, I think that nothing beats a nice pair of aviators. For example:
Via Sunglass Hut. Versace Aviators

I also like to have a pair that my hair won't wind and tangle around (like it most certainly would with the aviators). For example:
Via Sunglass Hut. Bvlgari

7. Shorts/Tank Tops/Flip Flops. AKA my Tucson summer uniform.  In my 20's I stopped wearing shorts almost entirely. Truly, you can easily survive life in Illinois and Missouri with no shorts. Arizona schooled me on the importance of shorts. I would DIE with out lightweight, easy, breezy shorts and skirts here in Tucson.  For public viewing, I have a pair of Tommy Hilfiger khaki shorts or a pair of self-made jean shorts that I pair with Target tank tops and Old Navy flip flops (the only flip flops that exist in my opinion). In private, I swap the khaki shorts for Target pajama shorts. If I am not dressed up for work or meetings or service (which to be honest covers 85% of my time), that is what I will be wearing all summer long.

8. The smallest amount of makeup possible. This is fairly easy for me because I rarely wear makeup at all. Because I am lazy, not because I don't need it. But if you want to look your best and you have to face more than 3 milliseconds of desert heat (my approximation at how long it takes for the makeup to start melting off your face) here is what I suggest:

Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara. I have tried many mascaras. This is the only one that has REALLY impressed me.

Atomic Volume Mascara

I have issues with this next product's packaging, but it is a light coverage powder foundation with SPF 15. It does its job and does it well. Sadly my powder got broken up and now instead of being a neat and easy pressed powder is an ungodly mess. Such is life.

"Hello Flawless!" SPF 15

Lightly dust some of this across your cheeks for a soft glow:


Lastly, I have decided that Korres Cherry Full Color Lip Gloss is to die for due to the cherry oil. I want it in basically every color available.
Cherry Full Color Gloss
With these four products, you can establish an "I sort of attempted to look decent today" look. Bonus, I purposely picked products that would not melt in your car or your purse.

So that is my summer essential list. What am I missing? Sunscreen? Yeah, I know but if I am being honest I never use the stuff. What are your summer essentials?