Shape of My Heart ~ Sting

The one thing that I really "collect" is decks of playing cards. I love to play cards. I have lots of fond family and friends memories of playing cards.  I can occasionally whoop some serious behind in Spades. Assuming that my brother-in-law, Gil, is not my partner. (Note to Gil: DO NOT OVER BID BECAUSE YOU THINK THAT I CHRONICALLY UNDER BID!) Not gonna lie, that is a lot of parenthetical emoting when I haven't been Gil's card partner in, like, years. I might have a hard time letting go.

I try to buy souvenir decks of cards whenever I travel as little keepsakes of my trips. I also like to pick up unique or special decks of cards when I come across them. 

When I found these via Design*Sponge, I was instantly smitten. 

Also, it sent me searching all over Pinterest and the rest of the Internet for cool decks of cards. I found Russian nesting doll decks during my search. Could there possibly be anything better?  No. There could not. 

Reason # 857 why I never accomplish anything practical.