So I read THXTHXTHX regularly. Here is why I should not maintain a blog of thank you notes:

Dear BMW in front of me in traffic,

Thanks for not having working brake lights. I needed that mini-heart attack like a hole in my head.

Wishing you lawsuits and lawyers!

Dear adorable old man with cane and fedora in Starbucks,

Thanks for being seen out in public reading a Nora Roberts book. I was running out of completely innocent and undeserving people to mock endlessly for their personal preferences.

Cruelly yours,

Dear employers and the game of chess,

Thank you for always ensuring that my self-esteem remains ever low. The way you constantly bring to light my failings and weaknesses keeps me "modest."  I would hate to ever believe that I am a reasonably intelligent and capable human being.

Humbly yours,