Library Loving: To Catch a Thief

Library Loving is my book feature. Or my, "Hey I got this awesome CD or movie from the library" 

But let us take a moment to admire my "Library Loving" Button, shall we? It is the best thing you have ever seen, isn't it? 

Becca made it for me. Now pause in your reading and give Becca a round of applause. 

Moving on....

I was going to feature another book today but I have not yet finished the book. Oops! 

I will tell you that I recently got The Decemberists album, The King Is Dead from the library. 

The first song, "Don't Carry It All" was stop me dead in my tracks awesome. I would like to tell you about the rest of the CD. I can not. I just kept listening to "Don't Carry It All" over and over again. 

Also I checked out To Catch A Thief from the library and watched it on Thursday with Jessica. We are HUGE Cary Grant fans and to my surprise she had yet to see this classic. Have you seen this movie? You definitely should.