Da Bulls

I spent a vast amount of time Christmas day watching the NBA's late season openers. My babies (Chicago Bulls) played the Lakers.  They won-just barely. It is going to be a rough season. For everyone. Except maybe Heat fans.

I could yammer on this topic for pages and pages but that would be truly dull for most of you so I will instead just say the two following things:

1. Metta World Peace. REALLY? Ron Artest seriously needs to get a hobby.

2. Noah, your hair amuses me and so I am inclined to like you but I did not see you do one useful thing that entire game. If you are going to be on the court, make it count. Please.

And then Monday the Bulls lost to the Warriors. And the Suns lost to the Hornets. But at least the Lakers lost to the Kings. HA!

Excited to see the results of the Celtics vs. Heat tonight!