It's Snack Time. What are we having? Snacks.

You might think I have not been completely absent because the Ten On Tuesdays lists have been posting. Those were done months ago and scheduled. I have been completely absent.

I have been in a really dark place because it looks like Little Debbie is not releasing their Cherry Cordial Snack Cakes for the Valentine's season this year. At least, I have not found them yet. I am trying really hard to cope with the loss.

And I keep hearing all this hubbub about Girl Scout Cookies but I have yet to see any Girl Scouts selling cookies outside any Walgreen's here in Tucson which means I also have no Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies that I think are called Tagalongs.

So to review: No Little Debbie Cherry Cordial Snack Cakes + No Girl Scout Cookies = me not posting because I am at home in the dark being the saddest sad person ever.

Okay, honestly, I just haven't had time to go hang at Starbucks and blog. But I am really sad about the whole Cherry Cordial Snack Cake situation. If you see any, would you please let me know where?

Thank you ever so much.

Side Note: The title of this post came from an episode of News Radio that had Jon Lovitz as a guest star and no one ever knows what I am talking about but I quote that episode all the time. It has been stuck in my head ever since I watched it 18 million years ago.