The Most Illogical Things You Read On This Blog Last Year

Limited knowledge of vocabulary may or may not mislead people to believe you have a drinking problem.
This is the post where I admit that I was using the word copious completely wrong and even worse, I was using it in reference to the amount of alcohol I drink.

The one that is 1 part sweet stuff about my Nonnie and 1 part me being confused by the simple difference between Raisin Bran and raisins and bran.
This is the post where I try to duplicate one of my Nonnie's recipes with mixed results. Also, this is the one with the awesome comments section.

The one where Brie and I develop an ingenious business plan.
How are we not millionaires yet?

Simple Arithmetic
And by simple, I mean, it would be simple if someone else was doing it.
I have turkey issues. Here and here.

And then there was the time that I set off the alarms at the grocery store, repeatedly.
Don't go into the grocery store with alcohol in your purse. Sound advice from me to you.