It does not feel like Friday when you are sick.

 I have totally been mauled by a nasty flu/cold thing that I picked up in St. Louis. Best souvenir NEVER!  

What goes on in Meg's Mind, when Meg's mind is afflicted with illness: 

1. From now on I will take vitamins, drink green smoothies, eat right, sleep more, etc.  I will never allow this to happen again. 
2. Why aren't there any snack cakes in my house????? I NEED a snack cake! 
3. I am in a weakened state and I live alone. Why does big pharma make their drug packaging Meg proof? 
4. Doctor Who is not the best show to watch when you have just taken cold remedies that make you slightly delusional.  On the other hand, Doctor Who is flipping funny and I am really sad it took me so long to get on that bandwagon. 
5. Speaking of bandwagons, there is now no such thing as too much Downton Abbey. It's like cowbell. More! More! More! I need more! 
6. I know I am really sick because I am crying at Jumping The Broom. Also, why does Angela Bassett keep getting hotter? Wouldn't I kill for those genetics? 
7. Breathing is so under appreciated. Dear breathing, I will never take you for granted again. 
8. Have I ate lately? No wonder I am sick, I haven't ate since............crap! Have I ate lately? How am I still alive? I wish I had some snack cakes. Or soup. Maybe I will just eat this piece of bread. Why couldn't I have gotten sick AFTER I had a chance to go to the grocery store? 
9. How long between doses? 
10. Is this medication making me feel better or worse? I can not even tell anymore. 
11. How long do you have to be stuck in bed before you get bed sores? 
12. Don't people know I am stuck at home sick bored out of my mind!! Why aren't they taking their turns in chess/words/scramble/hanging with friends? No TELEVISION people. Just DVD'son my laptop. Am I supposed to read?? You can't read when you are sick! 

And now, a life recipe for success: 

Fill a coffee mug with water and add a little honey. A teaspoon or two should do. 
Then put this in the microwave for 1 minute.
Add a tea bag and microwave for 45 seconds more. 
Remove mug from microwave. 
Remove tea bag. 
Add lemon juice (to taste). 
Add a dash of brandy. (just a dash) 
Stir. Counter Clockwise.