Does Logic Have A Place Here?

Egads! For a long time now, my subtitle on my blog has been "Logic has no place here."

I bank on being illogical. And then being able to mock myself for aforementioned illogic.

I was, therefore, equal parts proud and horrified to discover to that I was the quickest in the family to solve a logic problem my sister presented us all with during my trip home to St. Louis.

The logic problem she posed was one from a Marilyn Vos Savant column in Parade. (See here)

Honestly, I have no clue how I figured the answer out so quickly (or at all) and it has basically ruined my self-image.

Am I.......logical????? (gulp)

In honor of my minor lapse in illogic, I am changing up my subtitle for now. Fear not, logic still has very little place here.