Friday Finds: Random Bits and Pieces

I have once again been trying to clean out my ★starred items ★ in my Google Reader, so today's Friday Finds is just cool things I have found on my journey through years worth of things I found interesting on the internet.....

I have always wanted to develop/build a well-thought out and well-edited wardrobe. But then I see something shiny or colorful and I get distracted. Building blocks of a wardrobe are boring! Or are they....?

I love this post on the essential building blocks of a wardrobe from Mighty Girl, Maggie Mason. 

Hey sisters! I found two blog posts listing off great Chicago restaurants. Part 1:


Part 2:


1) Have you been to any of these? 2) If not, GO!

I also found this post about restaurants in Portland, Seattle, and Olympia so I think one of y'all needs to plan a trip to the Northwest with me! Or you could do some staycationing.

Is it completely unrealistic to say that someday I would like to have a job that is solely focused on researching and cataloging urban farms? Something about them just gets me.

Not to go be over dramatic or anything, but since I am aging whether I like it or not, this was my favorite thing that I read on the internet yesterday. 

I am SO going to start telling people that I am into Scandinavian Space Disco simply because it is called,"Scandinavian Space Disco."