Dr. Who Confession

Important note for Juli:  Look Away! Don't read any further. It will only hurt your feelings. 

One of my 33 before 33 goals is to get completely caught up on Dr. Who. I was sort of dreading this because I knew that my beloved version of the Doctor, David Tennant, does not make it past Season 4. As season 4 progressed this became increasingly distressing.  But about 4 episodes from the end it stopped being distressing. In fact, by the last episode, all I could think was: AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE REGENERATING? ENOUGH ALREADY!

I was already getting bogged down by the increasingly thick plot, but the final nail in the David Tennant coffin for me was the excessive emotional display. I want to watch cheeky Brits navigate vaguely creepy plot lines, not wailing and gnashing of teeth over the inevitable. What is this? Les Miserables!

So there you go. I thought I would never get over David Tennant, but apparently, all it took was the slightest display of emotions. Goodbye Season 4, I hardly knew ye.

Even more ridiculous?  The first episode of Season 5 almost had me in tears. Why? The little girl just looked so melancholy and sad sitting on her suitcase.

4 seasons down, 2 to go to get caught up.